kryographics HD7990 and FirePro S10000 Installation

Installation instructions for kryographics HD7990 and FirePro S10000

Music: UltraCat - Disco High
Artist's website:

Music is licensed under CC BY 3.0
  • Carskaterboyz

    What if i put this in a non server pc' xD would i get like 100000 fps?

  • Bythentaria

    Love your videos Shoggy, and I smile whenever Youtube emails me an update for the channel. Keep making them!

  • Wan BerryHD

    i like the music,remind me of porn movies of the 80's lol

  • Alexey Savinov

    amazing block, makes me wanna buy the card)))

  • Shoggy

    Just click on the making of video at the end. It is not the same block but the manufacturing process is the same.

  • DazedConfused1969

    does the thermal pads and grease come separately?

  • EumlOriginal

    alter wie viel Wärmeleitpaste ...ein so ein Klecks reicht für ALLE RAM-Chips mit denen auf der Rückseite ...viel hilft nicht immer vielund bei Wärmeleitpaste heißt viel Paste viel Wärme ...

  • Aqua Computer

    The thermal grease must be purchased separately.

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