Live Episode 22 - 8x GTX 1070 SC Ethereum Mining Rig Build

BBT Livestream on finishing build and answering questions.

Open Air Frame

Case Size (28 x 18" x 11.5") (total cut size and amount of material:
4x 28" pieces of Angled Aluminum
4x 18" pieces of Angled Aluminum
4x 12..5" pieces of Angled Aluminium
5x 18" of pine planks planks
1x 28" section of pine

3x 8 foot sections 1/16" x 1" angled aluminum
2x 8 foot sectionts of 3/4" x 3.5 pine wood planks
#8x1/2" Self tapping screws

8x EVGA GTX 1070 SC 8GB -
Intel i3 7100k -
Corsair Vengence 4GB DDR4 -
1x by 16x PCI 6pin Risers -
Sandisk SSD 120GB -
eVGA Supernova P2 1200w PSU -
2x of the PCI-e 8Pin to dual 6+2PCIe -

ORICO Dual-bay 2.5-inch/ 3.5-inch USB 3.0 to SATA 3.0 External Hard Drive Docking Station with Offline Clone Function -

Claymore Eth only
Overclock = 100/500
Result = 29.4 per card (total system 243mh)

Overclock = 100gpu/500mem
Result =3072sol's/h

Add2Psu -

Simplemining setup live tutorial vid -

Simplemining NVidia Build -
DEV WARNING: BETA!!! Overclocking is NOT WORKING NOW! Use at your own risk.

BBT Render Machine
CPU: AMD Threadripper 1950x -
WC: Corsair H110i -
MB: ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme -
RAM: TridentZ 64GB G.Skill DDR4 Trident Z 3600 -
OS DRIVE: Samsung 960 PRO 512GB PCIe NVMe -
GPU: 2x EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition GAMING, 11GB -
PSU: Corsair AXi Series, AX1200i -

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  • xinxilas xin

    All running good until now? I started with 3 1070, im curious if 1070 have a good lifespan while mining. I heard on forums some old AMD running at least 3 years and still alive, but not many stories about 1070, so are they still alive after 8 months?

  • laurenparkerva

    I know you have many rigs running. What do you think is going to happen to us ethereum miners when it switches over to proof of stake? I’m heavily invested in this and would like to know your take on where this is headed.

  • kulas9

    Hi, I watch your videos from few months, you are doing great job! You inspired me to build my own rig, however I have some problems, so I would like to post here, maybe you could help me.I made fresh windows installation, with two RX570 Nitro plugged into motherboard. Then I downloaded blockchain drivers and installed them. Here is the problem...Both cards are seen by Windows. I wasnt able to flash any of my card because I get error in atiflash that it can't read roms. I figured out that one of my card doesnt work in standby because of ULPS settings - I disabled it. Atiflash now is showing me both cards, I am able to flash them. Names of cards are different, one is Radeon RX 570, the second one is ATI Radeon Polaris 10, why there are two differnt names, while cards are the same? Claymore can't read sensors of one GPU, which is frustraiting, cant undervolt, manage fanspeed etc.. Here is my screen showin problems in Atiflash and claymore >>

  • Ehsan A

    so only one 1200psu for 8x 1070?

  • Deivi134

    can someone give me good settings for 1070 overclock on simpleminer?

  • Charles Odukwe

    Thanks for your videos. I have assembled my own 6 GPU with B250 19 SLOT motherboard, but my problem is how to connect the GPUs to the motherboard and power supply. Please i need your help. Can you make a video on how to connect them. From Houston. My email.

  • Tom Swango

    I was looking at prices for my first card and was considering the RX 580 with 8 GB -- However, when I started looking I got really confused. It appears that there is a XFX GTS Black Core Edition Direct X RX 580 and there appears to be a Sapphire Nitro + Radeon RX 580 as well as others. Can explain to me the difference between XFX, Sapphire, Nitro+, GTS, Direct X, Black Core etc etc.

  • Çağrı Levent

    Can you give the M2 sata pcı e link ???

  • Dennis Foric

    Hi, question. My 1070's use one 8-pin and one 6-pin. Is there anyway to reduce cables with that? Not many psu's fit my builds since i need eight 8-pins to power the cards.


    After you  build your rig....  You will see and learn other ways to create your systemYou were too  LAZY AND STUPID  to spend time to see or researchMaking us laugh....   You really can do it on your own if you listen to what is being said

  • Ben Nykiel

    having an date night with you and your family and rebuilding my rig , thanks

  • Skjoldhøj Værkstedsforening

    12.... cant see shit


    AT 45:35 he details how when you order a package of 6 risers...                 THEY SHOULD SEND YOU 7Pretty amazing of a stupid commentHow about ordering some spares ... incase something goes bad after being operational

  • Chryso Kerux

    Anyone know what is the best bios for Asus 1070 Gaming Strix 8GB for mining?

  • Melpheos1er

    Always mine a few coins if you can. I manage my coins like i do with my stocks.


    None of you guys know there is now a riser board that sends the data input from                                     4 graphics cards to the motherboardTHROUGH ONE USB CABLE....     SERIOUSLY...    IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THATIt is because the GURU'S who are showing you how to build rigs   Did not lead you to the                       WATERING HOLE away from the rest of the JACKASSES

  • Lauren Ennis

    I have 7 rx580 cards running at 12 Amos out the box. With 137 hash rate total, it’s making 9 dollars a day in etherium. I calculated $90 dollars a month m in electric at 8cents kilowatt/hour. My return is showing 14 months. How is this profitable.

  • Edin

    I am getting a error (unspecified launch failure)

  • Rtom Pan

    Is it safe to dual mine with that setup?

  • RJK Visuals

    I only earn $1 a day with my gtx 1070 sc now. Is that expected for today's mining?


    We know you think you know it all...  and these guys are the leaders of the worldWhat you see being built is for the weak minded unknowing idiotsShowing you how to become weak minded unknowing idiots


    A rig should contain it's own PSU sufficent to support those 6 or 7 cardsOn a 13 card motherboard.. you should build 2 stackable rigsOne 6 card rig.. one 7 card rigI already said each rig should have it's own PSU for that rigs cards

  • Danijel Vincec

    can you please look this GPU positioning in mining rig? Should it be better airflow and cooling like standard parallel versions? The air is flowing outside the case and not interfering with each other like in standard rigs cases??

  • Ben Nykiel

    you have a mistake in your parts list for case, you need 2x28" as you flipping the cards on both sided

  • 3waver

    I noticed that you are using the SATA connectors to power the PCIE Risers, isn't the preferred (safer) method using the molex or 6 PIN PCIE power?

  • Haresh Parmar

    Hi, I am thinking for building a rig with 6x 1070ti.... can i run my all GPUs from Bitmain power supply 1600w ....AND... all the Risers and Motherboard from another power supply of 600Watt???....PLease DO reply ...any who has tried this?

  • Henrique Santos

    Hi, I have a ASUS strix Z270F + gigabyte gtx 1080 ti 11gbWhen i install the GPU the windows doesnt start.What can be the problem?Thanks for the help.


    I build automation systems have entertainment entities and am an engineering typeNever saw me wear a baseball cap.. much less backwardsBuilding this stuff is INSANELY FUN...   IMAGENATIVE... MOTIVATINGWatching these RIG BUILDS is like watching a rerun of  the                    DUKES OF HAZZARDWhere REDNECK   BILLY BOB  took the doors off his chargerCause one of the hinges brokeYEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAWith no delarship in sight and no INTERNET                       Billy Jo is just gonna have to wear a seatbelt...                                        ITS A LAW.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEEEEE   HAAAAAAA

  • Mat Burchett

    Hi ThereI have recently built a 4 card rig soon to be 6, However my hash rates are not as good as i was expecting. I have a couple issues. If you can have me get this rig to better rates i dont have any Coins yet but i am happy to mine 24 hours to your account.I have 2 problems. but first here is my hardwareAsus Prime Z270-P8gb Ram2.8ghx Celeron CPU1000W EVGA Gold PSUGeForce GTX 1070 GTX G1 (Micron) Memmory1st Issue.i cannot get the hash rates up to what i have seen people get them too. I am happy with 30mh if possible, however i get 25 /26 if lucky.i have tried lots of settings from forums etc but just cannot seem to get it right.2nd issue i have is i get to a certain clock speed which i think is 600 and 2 cards that are both in x16 slots on risers have erratic speeds 2.138 up to 26mh.If you could help would be great.Mat

  • Jojo

    I noticed you powered 2 risers per sata pigtail. I'm building a 7x 1070 rig and I've been reading that max combined power from a sata pigtail is only 50 watts. The 1070 can pull 75w from pci-e, so they're saying don't use it, unless you have a high quality psu like EVGA and even then they recommend connecting only one riser per pigtail. So is it safe to power 2 risers with just one sata pigtail? I'm using almost identical psu, evga 1300 p2 and I was planning on connecting the risers the same as you until I read this. Any input would be greatly appreciated and thank you for the video and information.


    At 33:37    he addresses   " ADDRESSING SPACE "He details some technical knowledge i was suprised to hear him sayThere are things you need to see and learn imbedded in the video's contentWhich is why you need to watch and listen to it over and over and over again


    A MAINFRAME..  is the location where the MOTHERBOARD-HARD DRIVE- PSU are housed                That is generally called a computer caseTRY not to be as stupid as the guys who took the motherboard out of the caseBECAUSE THEY WERE INCAPABLE OF CONNECTING MULTIPLE CARDS                       TO A COMPUTER CASEYOU GUYS DON'T GET TO BE THAT STUPID...THOSE GUYS ARE UNTHINKING IDIOTS..  AND YOU ARE FOLLOWING SUIT

  • Gaurav V

    Hey can u plz help? So I have dual psu 8gpu mining Rig and it’s been working perfectly since last year until today when I accidentally hit one of the exhaust chassis fan of my rig now only half of the system works like 4 cards only and won’t display anything or boot at all.Any solutions plz?

  • Eugi

    Very informativ, Would you like to upload your config file of Claymore Dual miner? Wold help a lot.


    What gamers do not get or comprehend about a computer system build will fill a bookYOU have to figure out what they have not....Your problem or concer is that there are so many usb cables coming from a rig to the                                        MAINFRAME

  • ElManco Gameplays

    Hello, my name is Gabri, I want to congratulate you for your videos, they have helped me a lot, I hope you continue like this because you do a great job, I also write to ask you for help because I am having a problem with my mining rig that has x6 gtx 1070 and is throwing me a error of blue screen which I can not solve and formatted the rig without result and after many tests I can not solve it VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE what was wrong: nvlddmkm.sys, said is not found in the path C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers, porfabor I would appreciate your answer given that I have invested everything that I have in this and a cordial greeting.

  • CANDRi

    Your videos are incredible.  Thank you!  Helped me massively with the tuning of my rigs.


    A 19 card system/motherboard supports 3 stackable rigs  7 card/6card/6cardThis is not complicated...  you are watching backyard mechanics build electronicsNobody but an idiot suggests you take a motherboard out of a computer caseNobody but an idiot suggests you take a hard drive out of a  computer case


    You guys don't get to be so stupid when you are buying your partsThat you ignore the new stuff listed in your search Try to keep in mind...    there use to never be  SSD DRIVESPersonally  I don't use em...  cost too much and have end of life issues for some .

  • Yusaf Khaliq

    I recently bought 3 gtx 1070 which at the time was double the price of the rx 570.would 6 rx 570 work out better, if so why?

  • Dion Blaster

    dude, how much ur making with this rig these days? 1k/month. I will probably make myself 2 * 6 * 1070 rigs....Still profatible? I think HELLYEAH!

  • Solara Solarwind

    LOL I have a Korean friend that says most of the farms in South Korea have converted to huge cryptocurrency mining complexes and that the power companies are complaining about power consumption. What's worse is that recently their government is trying to block young single citizens such as college students from obtaining bitcoin and only allowing older married couples the right. That is truly ridiculous on epic proportions!

  • DJ Penetration

    Hello cryptomaniacs :) Set for 500 Sol gtx 1070 easyPL 100TL 85CL +125MC+702500 Sol Zcash :)Good luck

  • Mike Ciske

    HELP!! What power supply must power (2) m2 PCI adapters? Motherboard psu or the riser/video card psu? Running 2 psu units, 1 on mob and 1 powering risers and 1070's.

  • Adeel Kamal

    sir i m new in mining with gpu 1070 which currency i min or gtx 1070 still profitable in mining

  • CascadeTransParts

    you don't list the M.2 stick in the parts list , anything special there - for another $50 not sure why to use the Z270-A board ?


    More good questions about the build than answersThese channels are too busy building in a half assed mannerAnd don't have the answers to your questions As a rig should not contain more than 7 cards.


    In essence what he said was.... DO NOT BUY A CHEAP PROCESSOR IN YOUR BUILD                    IT WILL SUCK FOR YOU LATERA cheap processor will restrict and limit your ability to expand your system.Just because you are too stupid to get that a card represents an ADDRESS                       YES - IT IS AN ADDRESS


    This channel has good technology to share...  has good video compilation...But..  gamers are not engineers.. are not developers.. are not smart enough to                 CREATE THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM THE ENCOUNTER

  • rachid boulfrah

    Hi, please, I need help I downloaded the BIOS on my PC. Giming X 580 but in the last step I closed the computer because the computer screen stopped with the mouse and when I turn on the computer it works without the computer screenplease help me

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