The Most Energy-Efficient Supercomputer Today is Powered by AMD FirePro™ S9150 GPUs

The Lattice-CSC cluster, located in Darmstadt, Germany, is currently the #1 most energy-efficient supercomputer on the November, 2014 Green500™ list. Coming in at 5.27 GFLOPS/W, the L-CSC cluster is the first cluster to break the 5 GFLOPS/W barrier on the Green500.

Equipped with 640 AMD FirePro™ S9150 server GPUs, the L-CSC cluster is being used to run simulations in the field of Quantum Chromo Dynamics, or QCD.

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  • D00ble

    Do you guys think I'll be able to play Tetris on this?

  • Petr Nedvěd

    It really hurts me when amd is as open as possible basicaly given every technology as opensource or as free and nvidia is acting like total assholes and have 70% marketshare.

  • nick210598

    Wie man einfach schon raushört das es deutsche sind xD

  • BadrO_RambO

    why people say NVIDIA is better at gaming ??? i mean AMD GPUS are awesome too ...

  • The Power of Sky

    just make r9 390x the same price as r9 290x if it's just a rebrand. But it must be a default 8GB model not 4gb in order to convince me for purchasing it. I will go for nVidia if r9 300 series is even more expensive and lack of any improvement or worth the value as a whole.

  • Ivan HC

    no entendí nada pero bien jejeje

  • ABaumstumpf

    Well - this will last about half a year, till Intels Knight-landing is out - with about 3 times the performance/Watt.But at least AMD is getting closer to having a decently lower power-consumption on their consumer cards.

  • CarrotExtract

    can this play minecraft?

  • 〉halflife 3 goes here 〈

    The super computer cool but can it run crysis?

  • Arafat Zahan

    Finally AMD and Energy-Efficient together, feeling proud!

  • Neil Haran

    Absolutely agree, CUDA is the wrong solution. OpenCL is where it's at. I never understood why I should spend on a card that is limiting like CUDA instructions and lower on the performance than a Radeon.

  • MrGalotsa

    just release something

  • secret

    Show some visual. Don't talk

  • Mohamed abd el gaied attia

    Actually i want to test that supercomputer on mining :D

  • Bebzun Piwny


  • Jaspie the 10

    And batman arkham knight runs at 15-20 fps with low settings

  • MrExcite96

    once again AMD being the budget option

  • Overtime

    Text read well done Germans

  • Patriot 03

    But, can it play minecraft?

  • Uncle-Gamer Martinx

    AMD & Nvidia both are AMAZING...

  • Eric Azure

    But can it run Crysis?

  • Daniel Phingston

    now make consumer cards and processors more energy efficient T_T

  • 87solarsky

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

  • juli5770

    I want to play gta 5 on 4k in that

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