AMD Vega Ethereum Mining Hashrate Update IIII

Serious mining with the AMD Vega architecture. Polaris is dead. Vega is the future.
  • Richard Schlegel

    Thanks for the video

  • Dhuum301

    faggots like you ruin the market for everyone else to get profit for your fucking self.........oh also AMD will be releasing drivers purposely to slow farming gl in the future you fucking rat

  • venom korp

    the best is buy mhs in nicehash

  • Troll Militia

    after bios mod I think it will cross 45mh, not sure about power consumption though

  • nem 1970

    You really are a total dick

  • Kan Nata

    the hype card in history hehe

  • Sound WIVIVI

    Hey gamers, I'm going to buy your videocards.Go cry now.

  • Bojan Stojanović

    Did you tested latest Beta drivers with latest AB 4.4.0.beta16 ?Also did you find best dcri and asm ?

  • Todor Nikolov

    What feature? 42MH/s for 780GBP? and 300W consumption. For these money I buy 3x Sapphire RX570 Nitro 4GB /2months used with warranty/ and will have better hashrate..

  • Carlos Salinas

    Holy shit! the calculations are correct vega can drive 100 Mh\s :D

  • Mr.Magnificent

    mining is such a waste of power... go do reselling... much more profitable

  • it administrator

    hello my pro i need to buy it i m from egypt do you have any website to buy this card plz

  • nadir6661

    the 17.7.2 sucks even at Win 7 64 Ultimate

  • Sualeh Irfan

    This card is too costly for the hash rate

  • Shahed Cassim

    buy this or a 1060 ? 1060 is cheaper of course

  • AngryRaccoon

    Hash / Watts is not worth it.

  • ke shen

    Is this the Vega Frontier Edition? or Vega 64

  • Dylan 873

    To people wondering whether AMD will update vega to be better at mining, I sincerely doubt it. Believe it or not, it is in AMDs best interest to build these cards to be horrible at mining. The reason is because if you have tons and tons of people buying AMD cards at an unprecedented rate they can't budget for, AMD doesn't actually make any more money. This is because AMD can only build so many GPU dies at launch and can't just ramp up production over time (it takes literally months to manufacture a GPU die), therefore they have a limited number of GPU dies made. They then sell these dies to the board partners at a fixed cost who then solder them onto their own cards to sell. These cards are then sold to resellers like newegg, amazon, ebay and the like to be sold to us. The only person who benefits from all of this are the resellers who then raise prices. Not a single person on the manufacturing side of the equation benefits from this since only so many video cards are budgeted to be made within a set amount of time. Overall this actually ends up being very bad for the video card manufacturers since they usually have to process RMAs from all the burned up cards, and this causes them to lose money. The resellers lose very little to no money every time an RMA is done, since the RMA will generally be processed through the board partner (gigabyte, asus, MSI, sapphire) and not through the resellers account. Overall the ethereum mining craze I personally believe is a total and complete joke and I can't wait for the net work to move to POS. You people are buying up tons and tons of these graphics cards to make what amounts to be making you only a few dollars a day while burning up our limited amount of fossil fuels in the process to do so. You could literally make more money by going to a garage sale and buying something with resale value on ebay. You would probably make more money from doing this one day than you could make mining with several video cards over the course of weeks. There is also no hardware pay-off to worry about. Blockchain technology might be the future, but this doesn't mean we need to waste huge amounts of power just to verify transactions. Proof-of-state technology is out there, and it doesn't require consuming so much power and creating an artificial bubble on the PC hardware market for no good reason. Personally I am not a PC gamer, so I do not care whether the price of graphics cards is $1 or $1000, since I don't play games. I just find this whole cryptomining bubble a waste of everyone's time and energy for something they may never end up seeing a worthwhile ROI for. I'm not saying you can't make money cryptomining, I am just saying there are higher profitability ways one can spend their time on to earn more per hour.

  • biggdoggg372

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • TheAldawg77

    I can buy 2x RX 580 8g for same price as 1 Vega and get 31Mhs off each. I wouldn't buy Vega unless I could get 60 Mhs off there a bios mod?

  • nadir6661

    what is your room tempurature please ?


    40 Mh for 300W? No thank you. I prefer RX580 30Mh for 120W (undervolt)

  • Waji Khan

    GTX 1070 are still much better then the shitty AMD power hungry cards..

  • Artur Zhdanko

    Чет как то маленький хешрейт за такую цену!

  • Miners Hashrates

  • Qizazie

    Love this! i subscribed and hope you make more updates :)

  • 636 OC

    blockchain driver for FE -

  • Jens Larsson

    The hate here in the comments is just absolutely beautiful

  • Yogurtmeat

    Enjoyed your OS knowledge base/tech etc. A thing we all want to see is the comparative KwH vs Hashing rate plox :>

  • kev mills

    Hey there, can you please tell me what wattage they're pulling. Thanks.

  • FunStuff

    i only watch this coz i am so snowed up that i cant sleep

  • Wapn Perfo

    The air cooled version has to be throttling. Even the water cooled one is throttling.

  • Baby Puka.

    I know this video was long ago and now there are neet powerplays for vega but do you know about any powerplay for vega 64 liquid cooled ? ? i couldnt find any good info about this and my 6 gpu rx vega luquid are drawing 1800 w at the wall. thanks

  • Denni Abdou

    Gaming is dying....fucking miners scumbags 😒

  • Vega

    I think Bit's Be Trippin' was getting like 44mh/s recently in a live stream

  • Addon

    40mh for $ 600-$700? This is a failure ...Gamers let's dance!Miners will not be so expensive to buy.

  • Tiger White

    I am going to find where you live and kill you.

  • Tekin Sayıcı

    i got 2 pieces gigabayt rx 580 8gb ,so same model,same company but oc settings different for 31 mh/s ...if i do same oc setting someone its not giving 31 mh. İ think u must think about this

  • Tau

    Probably a driver thing, I bet they will update it later, so its better for mining.Thus, They fix the issue of you guys buying up all of the cards.Suck it.

  • Daniel Ontiveros

    Why do these when 1070's can reach 31 mh/s easily

  • Eder Batista

    Where did you buy the video card?

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