1 GIGAHASH AMD VEGA MINING SETUP (40 Graphics Cards! 1GH/s 5500w)

My 1,122.0 Mh/s Cryptocurrency Mining Rig Setup | AMD Vega 64 8gb & AMD Radeon 580 & AMD Sapphire 570 8GB Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash, Sia, Dogecoin
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★ Wednesday, 23rd August 2017 ★

Family Info:
We are a British couple living in Wiltshire, England. Ov is 21 & a full time YouTuber. Hollie is 26 & a Model / Mummy to be! We live by ourselves with our Black German Shepherd Fero! We love Cars (We own a Tesla Model X, BMW i8 & Hummer H2) Gaming (We met online 4 years ago in a game) Traveling (We became a couple in Dubai!) & Family (Ov's family lives down the road & Hollie's live in Herefordshire)

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  • Jellybeantiger

    These bit coin flogs buying up all the cards so the poor can’t buy them,the World is becoming North Korea.

  • Johannes Hammermann

    If you have so many Graphics Cards, can you give me just one please? Im a student not earning money so...

  • Alex Marshall

    Only advice is you should probably not expose those cards to outside air without first running it through a filter and/or dehumidifier

  • Derek P

    "pay off for 2 years"...what if the bubble pops in a month...? ;)

  • themonolithian

    Loser. Your accent is retarded. You mining scammers are ruining PC gaming

  • Arnaud Meert

    How is your electric setup? Probably bypassed the RCD's or what did you do..?

  • Al Capwned

    Mate, I hope you have a bloody fire extinguisher

  • Gary Alcorn

    Your family sounds fucked up

  • jeremy Del Castillo

    Hey I got a question. Does the amount of cards matter much. I have two vega 64 rigs. One is a 5 card rig and the other has 1. The amount of shares both solve are pretty similar. Usually the 1 card rig gets 10 shares less but thats not a big difference. Ive been doing a test on both of them and thats what I’ve noticed. Theyd get the same amount of shares around 15-17min of mining. I mine ETN on Cast. For reference, each card hashes avg 1980hs/s. Can you fill me in if it matters. Just curious because i was thinking of running one or two card rigs instead of 5. Thanks!

  • LiteGaming

    You should probably repaste the GPUs to make it cooler

  • Jellybeantiger

    Why the weather is warming up.Bitcoin muppets.

  • Yunus Öztürk

    i have vega 64 8 gpu so i setup windows 10 start mining after crush how you fix this ?

  • Joey Ryder

    Hope your house burns down

  • Umiyyo Masamune

    do i need to get GTX1080 to have better gh/s rate?

  • aryan airon

    These people are the reason why graphic cards are getting so fucking expensive !!

  • zoneterror

    That's amazing dude ! Your stuff is exactly what i am aiming ! 1000 Mh/s is the best goal, at minimum !

  • PatTheLogoGuy

    That's why we couldn't find any. F U

  • Dimmy

    What the power on that’s shot I get that in 1 card 😂😂

  • jack johnson

    You are the abitomy of the hatred toward miners, making graphics cards cost 10x the amount they should shamw!!!

  • Unknown Neko

    How much did it fucking cost to get that 1 gigahash mining rig??

  • jarred robinson

    your rig must of roi'd by now with more XD

  • Zulfikri Madon

    look cool.. but there is a wastage on cost, energy ... performance just normal... because for mining ,... we only need ALU and a bit other computing process... its more practical to use miner like baikal ... it can process 10 Gh/s and one a single miner... there is 5 algorithm... can switch ...

  • Jubeininja1221

    are those cards still worth what you paid for them lol?

  • wangjueliang

    Hello,I am going to use six Vega 56 cards. I worried having all 6 Vega on one PSU is not enough power for each card. For the manufacturers spec, each card will consume up to 300w. So I feel like I need to split them into two 1200w PSU. But base on your previous exp, that might be an issue. Also some blogs says it’s better to keep all GPU on one PSU and motherboard on the other. Any advice? What is the splitter you used to link both PSU btw.Thank you so so much!

  • Patrick Crausaz

    dude, your cable management is hurting my eyes!

  • Eric Hughes

    lol 1.2k price target reached

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